Pressure Contained​/​/​The Mass

by Angry Gods

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released March 31, 2014

Recorded by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording
Mastered by Carl Saff
Released by Crippled Sound and Bastard Sloth Records



all rights reserved


Angry Gods Chicago, Illinois

Loud. Heavy.

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Track Name: Pressure Contained
There's tension at the wall. Do you hear the murmur? There's a crack in the brick. Do you see past the mortar? A pounding on brick, red wall de-erected, a sheer of mass, a finger to orchestrate. There's a tension at the wall. Do you hear the murmur? Are you safe in your confines? Is there word from your concrete sanctum? Has time lapsed for your means? A swell is brewing and it's heaving at your rock. Your cause, it's momentum, watch it collide. Pressure contained, pressure swaying. Weight bearing down, isolation breaking. Pressure contained, pressure breaking. And when it breaks, where are you to go?
Track Name: The Mass
Lost. Concealed in your isolation. What was once a whisper becomes a deafening roar. Insurmountable pressure. Let the chill take its toll. Let the cold grasp your hand. Let the darkness take hold. Have you seen the light? Have you felt fear? Is there a reason? The sheer of mass, weight of the wall, was an exit found? All seen in mass and when the wall breaks down and encompasses all, debris is all you'll see. Is the barrier holding? Holding back the dust? Amongst the brick, through the concrete, is the barrier holding? The mass takes its hold, and you fall through the cracks amongst concrete. The weight en mass around you, dust falling at your feet, is the barrier holding? Have you felt fear?