Concrete Distortion

by Angry Gods

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released June 13, 2012

Recorded by Niko Zaglaras
Released by Crippled Sound 2013



all rights reserved


Angry Gods Chicago, Illinois

Loud. Heavy.

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Track Name: A Bitter Harvest//Resonant Weight
"A Bitter Harvest"
When I come upon this hallowed earth, what's to be seen? When memory is eradicated, dissolution proliferated, what's left to ingest? A cessation of creation. What will await? Barren ground, blackened sky, barren ground calloused earth. It surrounds us all. Cold and dead. A wind is blowing, a herald of ruin, destroying us all. And the day will come, and you will be judged by this world of dust. No fragment unturned. You will reap what you sowed.

"Resonant Weight"
Walk outside to find, past the manicured lawns, silence flows through the air. It's all the same. Exhausted fabric hangs in the air, from a time past. It's all dead. Static death. Crippling disease, monotony grows. Complacent surround. We're designed to collapse. I breathe in dry dust. Engulfs my lungs with fire. Through this architecture's stagnant design, I experience my stagnation. Crippling disease, monotony grows. Complacent surround. We're designed to collapse. Designed collapse, deemed to wither. Concrete distortion, disintegrating pavement. I'll search through the rubble. There's no sign of ground. Weighing me down, the debris piles high. High.
Track Name: Soot//Confined
I'll walk through the haze of the city. Black smoke rises. The ashes fall through the air. The embers burn bright. Born in soot. Bred by plague. Live in blight. Die. Lost in a maze of alleys, the shrill cries of death. By fault, we've all been defeated, disease in our midst. Born in soot. Bred by plague. Live in blight. Die the same. A plague is the cure. Confide in this cure. Born in soot. Bred by plague. Die the same.

Build your wall. Build it strong. A concrete tower several stories high. Isolate you from them. Deconstruct your barrier. Isolate your fears. Lock your doors. Draw the line. Draw the line in the sand to hide your eyes. Concrete blocks and iron panes shelter your Cains. There are ravenous beasts lurking at your door. An uncivilized disorder. They can see your guilt. Don't try to hide. This fraud is spewing. We'll watch you fall. Draw the line.